Here's the answer to this valid question...

Why doesn't SnoFest postpone all events so that they all run on the same weekend as the races? 

You bring up a valid question. Let me explain our thinking a little. 

The biggest reason is how much work has gone into organizing this weekend. We have secured permits, booked talent, gotten approval to close down a street, confirmed volunteers, and paid for media while managing our website and social media to keep everyone up-to-date. And that doesn't even include the work that has gone into preparing for the races. There are, at least, 7 different organizing teams running the events. All volunteers. All who have been working for the past few months to pull this together.

With all that being said, you can see how it would be a massive undertaking to move the events that aren't weather dependent to another weekend.  We also, don't have confirmation that the races will be able to run on our rain date either. So all could be for not. 

Your instincts are not wrong, the turnout would be better if the races were on, people love the dogs. And people travel for the dogs. But, this is something we will have to get used to in the coming years. There is always going to be cancelations when you depend on the perfect winter weather. What we are trying to do as a board is make the event sustainable and non-reliant on the weather. And I think, with our increase in programming, we are moving in that direction.

Jennifer Bennett

Jenn Creative Consulting, PO Box 747, Marmora, Ontario