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Welcome to the official website for the Marmora SnoFest. It is held the first weekend in February in Marmora, Ontario, Canada. Our dog races may be our claim to fame, but over the years we have learned the importance of diversification, and we can now boast a total weekend of activities. We are a not for profit organization that is trying to promote sled dog activites in addition to the community of Marmora and Lake.  Be sure to check in regularly for event updates.

Marmora is one of those wonderful communities where people still nod and smile at you even if you are stranger. Given that we have been holding these sled dog races for some thirty-two years now, many mushers have been participating in our races for long time. Others, maybe because of our history, could be planning to come for the first time. Whether veteran participants or newcomers, they will bring their spirit and energy to make our mid-winter weekend something for everyone to enjoy. Come join us in celebrating the spirit of winter.The Marmora SnoFest Association operates as a Not for Profit Group with an approved charter.  Our goal is to provide our community with a model of cooperation and development, and we work hard to bring this about with the essential support of an invaluable support of a body of volunteers, sponsors from the private sector, and various levels of government.

On our website you will find more information about Marmora SnoFest and all the fun activities our committee has planned for this year’s  SnoFest.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our website.


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